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New U Fitness First Personal Trainer Wii

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NewU Inside Out is the only interactive fitness product for Nintendo Wii that combines both Fitness and Nutrition and teaches users with REAL VIDEO not computer graphics. It work using the Wii Balance Board and Wiimote controller to give you full feedback on your workouts. Don't have a balance board? No problems, NewU also works with just the Wiimote controller.Time to get in shape and be taught by real Fitness First personal trainers! NewU uses lets YOU choose what you want to achieve. With 25 goals for women and 25 goals for men available, select 2 and NewU will build you a custom workout plan based on your selection, choose another 2 or alter your initial selection and your plan will be adjusted to match. With 10 levels of difficulty, progress tracking, a variety of challenges (including Dance, Boxercise, Cardio, Army & Football) as well as a quick workout mode (there are 10, 20 and 30 min sessions) NewU has something for everyone.All exercises and workouts have been built by the professionals at the worlds largest gym chain Fitness First so you can be sure they are taught correctly and more importantly safely. The fitness is accompanied by a full nutrition programme designed and built by the experts at You Are What You Eat. With over 20 weeks of meals and snacks, full shopping lists, step by step guides on preparation, cooking and serving its the perfect accompaniment for anyone leading a healthy lifestyle or moving into one. Allergies to certain food groups are catered for, during your profile setup, just tell NewU what you cannot eat and it will exclude these from your custom recipe lists.All recipes are designed and supplied by the nutrition experts at You Are What You Eat to ensure balanced and healthy meals and snacks.Features:- Build your personalized workouts based on your own objectives.- Get in shape with workout programs built by Fitness First coaches.- Choose among 4 real Fitness First personal trainers: 2 males & 2 females- More than 80 exercices per trainer for a complete body workout.- Train yourself in 4 different locations: Beach, mountain, forest or gym- Create your own profile: height, weight, sexe, age, build, food habits and NewU will define a special programm for you.- Choose your workout according to your agenda - Train yourself every day and reach your final goal or make a quick workout sets to relax after work or to get active in the morning.- Balance your food and match a healthy diet with more than 130 recipes created by You Are What You Eat.- 20 weeks of healthy balanced meals and snacks.- Various and tasty recipes.- Healthy personalised diet built around your specific requirements ( wheat / nuts , gluten intolerant)- 50 NewU goals specially designed for men and women.- 25 goals for men: Six-pack for summer, New dad, Banish the belly, Slim down.- 25 goals for women: Bikini fit, Goodbye tummy, Drop a dress size for the wedding, little black dress, new mum.- Access special workout programs to test different skills.- 5 Challenges: Dance, Army, Boxing, Cardio, Football.- Wii Balance Board compatible and real interaction with the Wii mote for a more accurate feedbacks on your training.
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