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In the near future, a global crisis has thrown governments into disarray and spawned the need for private mercenary companies to wage wars abroad.Three have risen to the top - Sever, Raven and Valor.These three factions have become the new world military standard.The factions are not above subverting their competitors' ability to execute contracts.Choose your faction, enlist and prepare to enter a warzone where 256 real players clash using the latest weapons, vehicles and tactics.Maximise your character development by cooperating with your team to achieve battlefeld objectives.Prove yourself on the battlefeld and move up the chain of command, earning the right to lead a squad, platoon or ultimately an army of players.Features:- Take your place in a 256-player battle - fght on multiple battlefronts, use airborne landings and on-call tactical strikes to secure strategic objectives.- Rise through the chain of command - earn the right to lead an eight-man squad, 32-man platoon and even command a full 128-man army.Perform as a unit and you'll earn 'squad enhanced XP'.- Fully customise and continuously develop your character - survive battles and complete tasks to unlock weapons and specialised equipment.Customise your appearance, show off your achievements and fne-tune your combat style.
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